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Breast surgery is the most customizable category within the field of plastic surgery, and places a vast number of options and choices in the hands of the patients themselves. Patients can select the size, shape, texture, profile and material of their implants to create a look that meets their exact aesthetic preferences.

Surgeons also have a number of breast surgery options to choose from, and can further customize their patients’ breast surgeries with the choice of incision type and implant placement. Given the vast number of important surgical decision to be made prior to your breast surgery, it is vital that you select a plastic surgeon who will patiently guide you throughout the decision-making process, is experienced performing breast surgeries, and will ensure that you select the ideal implants to fulfill your specific aesthetic goals.
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Our board certified plastic surgeons at Tribeca Medaesthetics have a keen eye for aesthetics and years of experience performing all forms of breast surgery procedures. At Tribeca Medaesthetics, located in beautiful Miami Beach, Florida, our board certified plastic surgeons have helped many patients fulfill their unique breast surgery goals and achieve the look they desire for their breasts. Over the past ten years, new options for breast implants and more sophisticated surgical techniques have led to more natural-looking breast surgery results, shortened post-operative recovery periods, and fewer post-surgical complications. Our board certified plastic surgeons at Tribeca Medaesthetics make it a priority to stay up to date with the most cutting edge developments and advances in the field of breast surgery in order to provide you with the highest possible level of surgical customization and patient care, and to ensure that your breast surgery is both safe and successful.

The staff at Tribeca Medaesthetics are pleased to offer a broad range of innovative and effective breast surgery procedures, including, but not limited to:

During your initial consultation, our board certified plastic surgeons at Tribeca Medaesthetics will conduct a comprehensive medical evaluation to determine your aesthetic preferences and current state of health, before creating a customized treatment plan tailored specifically to facilitate the enhancement of your breasts according to your aesthetic preferences.


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At Tribeca Medaesthetics, we believe that having well-informed patients is vital to the success of every cosmetic surgery procedure, and we will take the time to thoroughly review all of your breast surgery options and procedural details. As with any form of surgery, there are potential risks related to breast surgery; however, in the capable hands of our board certified plastic surgeons at Tribeca Medaesthetics, you can rest easy knowing that your safety is our first priority, and that we will take great care to minimize your discomfort and to reduce potential complications during and after your procedure.

If you have additional questions about any of the breast surgery procedures offered at Tribeca Medaesthetics, please contact our office today. We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your initial consultation with our board certified plastic surgeons.

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