Facial Fat Transfer

shutterstock_133634474WHAT IS FACIAL FAT TRANSFER?

A facial fat transfer is a cosmetic procedure during which excess fat from the abdomen, thighs, or hips is transplanted to the face to augment facial volume and refresh the skin. 

As we all know, one of the first signs of aging is the appearance of laugh lines, smile lines, crow’s feet and other fine lines and wrinkles on the face.  What is less well known is that aging also takes a toll on the underlying tissues of our skin, causing those tissues to break down, decreasing the volume of the face and causing a gaunt, unhealthy, tired appearance.  Using your body’s own fat as a natural filler, facial fat transfer is a permanent, safe, and natural way to regain the youthful contours of your face and restore your face to its original beauty.

While fat transfers can be used in a variety of places on the face, the most popular uses of fat transfer are to add fullness to the cheeks and lips, eliminate wrinkles on the forehead and temples, diminish the appearance of lines around the nose and mouth, and reduce hollows under the eyes.  Unfortunately, a common side effect of facial fat transfer is the over- or under-correction of the signs of aging, potentially leading to asymmetry and unsightly contours.  Thus, it is critical that your fat transfer procedure be carried out by an experienced, Board Certified plastic surgeon with a keen eye for facial aesthetics and an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of your facial structures.  Our board certified plastic surgeons at Tribeca Medaesthetics, located in beautiful Miami Beach, Florida have the training and experience to carry out this procedure with a high level of accuracy, ensuring beautiful contours and long-lasting, natural-looking results.


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Facial fat transfer is a safe, effective procedure that can be performed in the office under local anesthesia.  It is minimally-invasive, results in only minor discomfort, and does not require significant down time, making it the perfect way to refresh your appearance without slowing you down.

The procedure involves the removal of excess fat from the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks using a small, sterile cannula to minimize incisions and scarring in the harvest area.  The fat is spun in a centrifuge to remove impurities, and then placed in a state-of-the-art micro-syringe that is used to deliver the fat to the transfer site.  By using a micro-syringe, your surgeon can place the transplanted fat in extremely small quantities, ensuring smooth distribution and increasing the chances that the fat will become part of the existing tissue.

Because facial fat transfer is minimally invasive, post-operative recovery time is minimal.  Some swelling may occur, depending on where the transfer occurred and how much fat was transferred, but any swelling should disappear within 2-3 weeks, and results will be visible immediately.


At Tribeca Medaesthetics, we make it a priority to keep abreast of the latest technological advances in the field of cosmetic surgery, and our skillful surgeons employ these cutting edge techniques to ensure safe procedures and beautifully natural-looking results.  Our surgeons believes that having well-informed patients is vital to the success of every fat grafting procedure, and will take the time to thoroughly review all of your surgical options and develop a customized procedural plan designed to meet your aesthetic goals.   So if you would like to refresh your appearance and reduce the visible signs of aging, or if you have additional questions about how a facial fat transfer at Tribeca Medaesthetics can benefit you, please contact our office today. We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your initial consultation our board certified plastic surgeons.

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