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An Overview of the Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Procedure

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) – Miami Beach

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) - Miami BeachAbdominoplasty, or a ‘tummy tuck’, refers to the cosmetic surgery of the stomach area so as to remove excess fat or skin from the region. It is vital to know that this is not an alternative to traditional weight-loss techniques. If you want to cut down on your body mass, it is best to exercise regularly and eliminate fatty foods from your diet.

However, the surgery can improve the overall shape of the stomach by removing unnecessary fat or skin around the tummy. The surgical procedure can help create a firm and smooth profile of the abdominal area.

A tummy tuck can also help you restore the separated and weakened muscular formations in the abdomen and stomach areas. All these benefits lead to the formation of the desired stomach that many people cannot achieve through the traditional weight control mechanisms that are popular today.

Misconceptions about a tummy tuck

Keep in mind that the plastic surgeon performing your abdominoplasty can only decrease the separation and weakened muscles. While it smoothens the surface, making the tummy look better in shape, surgery cannot considerably reduce your weight.

Additionally, stretch marks cannot be removed through the surgical procedure either, say  Dr. Jason Shapiro (Board Certified Internal Medicine) and Dr.

Jeffery R. LaGrasso (Board Certified Plastic Surgeon), well known in the city of Miami Beach. However, it is possible to marginally improve their condition and hide the way they look to a certain extent. Generally, this works best when stretch marks are located underneath the navel, where the muscles will be required to exercise more often than other locations (like the kidney area and sides of the stomach).

Different reasons why tummy tucks are required

There are various reasons why you may require an abdominoplasty. Commonly, people undergo the procedure to deal with the excessive fat and skin that remains as a direct result of the following:

  • Pregnancy: After pregnancy, many women develop stretch marks around the stomach due to  its expansion while carrying a child. The extra fat or skin comes as a biological reaction to having a baby in the womb. Once the child is born, some women may require a tummy tuck to regain their original shape.
  • Aging: The process of aging cannot be stopped. However, it can be significantly slowed. The formation of wrinkles and other folds in the skin. Removing the extra skin could greatly improve the way your body looks.
  • Changes in weight: If you habitually gain and lose a lot of weight, you will find that stretch marks and other excessive skin remnants continue to stay even when your body no longer reacts in such a way. Cosmetic surgery can help you here too.
  • Heredity: Quite often, bodily characteristics of an individual are outcomes of their genetic code. Minor changes can be made to aesthetically enhance the body’s condition.

These are the major reasons why you could need an abdominoplasty. Keep in mind that previous surgery is another important factor that you should tell your surgeon about, before this surgery.

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