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What is Smart Lipo?

What is Smart Lipo? | Fat Reduction | Miami Medical Spa | South BeachLiposuction is a well-known plastic surgery procedure designed to reduce excess fat pockets in certain areas of the body. Smart Lipo is an innovative technique that incorporates laser technology to make liposuction less invasive and more effective. Smart Lipo can be performed at a med spa equipped to provide this advanced laser-based fat reduction procedure.

A single laser fiber is delivered to the targeted area using a thin cannula to melt the unwanted fat cells. Liquefying the stubborn cells makes their removal simpler and less aggressive. Tribeca Medaesthetics, a committed plastic surgery practice and medical spa, provides Smart Lipo and various other procedures to patients in Miami, Miami Beach, South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and surrounding locations.



An individual who wants to achieve improved body contours through targeted fat reduction, but is reluctant to choose traditional liposuction surgery, may consider Smart Lipo med spa procedure. A good candidate will have moderate and stable body weight, and fairly elastic skin. They should be prepared to follow a regimen of exercise and balanced diet following the procedure in order to enjoy prolonged benefits.



Smart Lipo medical spa treatment is usually performed using local anesthesia. The procedure will begin with the provider making very small incisions in the targeted area. A tiny probe with a low energy laser fiber will be inserted into the affected area. The laser energy will generate controlled heat to liquefy the stubborn fat tissue without causing any harm to the surrounding healthy tissue.

The disintegrated and liquefied cells will be removed through a suction process. Treatment in one area can usually be completed in one hour. High precision laser treatment allows for small incisions, quicker healing, reduced discomfort and minimal scarring. Tribeca Medaesthetics receives patients from Miami, Miami Beach, South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and nearby areas for Smart Lipo and various other procedures.



Patients can not only enjoy enhanced body contours and more youthful looks, but also gain renewed self-confidence in many cases. The procedure will typically remove small, localized deposits of fat of up to eight pounds. Risks and complications associated with a traditional liposuction surgery are significantly reduced in case of Smart Lipo.

Results are more subtle and natural looking with Smart Lipo’s minimally invasive treatment approach to fat reduction. Due to the small incisions, scarring is minimal with Smart Lipo. Relatively less downtime and discomfort is involved. Busy moms and working people can benefit more with Smart Lipo because they are usually looking for cosmetic treatments that minimize downtime.


Recovery and Results

Recovery with Smart Lipo is faster and less painful than traditional liposuction. Most patients may only require two to three days off from work, but they should avoid vigorous physical activity for about two weeks. The procedure does not require overnight hospital stay.

Patients should follow the recovery and aftercare instructions of the treatment provider carefully in order to achieve safe and quick recovery. Results of the procedure will become noticeable almost immediately after Smart Lipo, and will fully establish over a period of several months.


For more information on the procedures and treatments performed by Dr. Shapiro in South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Miami and surrounding areas contact us at 305.763.8832.

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