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Breast Augmentation Miami Beach

A perfect ten? Who wants a perfect ten when you can have the perfect two! Well, the sad part is, not all women are naturally blessed naturally with the perfect pair of breasts. At such times, a cosmetic surgery can seem just the key to alter these little imperfections. A breast augmentation or an augmentation mammaplasty helps in enhancing the breasts by placing implants. It can be done, either to enhance their appearance aesthetically, or for reconstructive purposes post mastectomy.

See More Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos

breast augmentation before and after photos miami beach

Benefits of a breast augmentation surgery

  • It corrects asymmetrical breasts
  • Helps to achieve fuller breasts, that may have lost volume post-pregnancy, weight-loss or due to aging
  • Reconstructs breasts, for women who have undergone a mastectomy
  • Helps to achieve a shapely figure

Before surgery

Prior to the breast augmentation surgery, you’ll be asked to take a mammogram, to keep a track of any changes that occur in the breast tissue. Your plastic surgeon will advise you to not smoke, avoid aspirin, herbal supplements and anti-inflammatory drugs, a few weeks before surgery.

Before the procedure, the doctor may advise you to take certain medicines, so you’re comfortable during the surgery. You will also be administered intravenous sedatives or anesthesia to numb the pain. Your blood pressure, heart rate, pulse and such, will be constantly monitored during the cosmetic surgery. You can also ask your surgeon for breast augmentation before and after photos to understand more about the kind of results you can expect.

Post surgery

You may have to adorn a support bra or compression garment, right after surgery. You may  experience pain and stiffness for forty-eight hours following surgery, as the breast tissue is stretched during the procedure. Your plastic surgeon may provide medications to combat the pain. Your breasts will seem sensitive, and might show slight discoloration or swelling initially. This should subside in a month’s time.

The surgical dressings will be taken off within a few days, although you’ll have to continue wearing your support garment for a while. Any external sutures will be taken off in a week or so. Surgical tape or glue, will come off by itself, in a couple of weeks. You should keep away from heavy lifting, pushing, or pulling activities that could strain your upper body. Once you’ve crossed the six week mark, you can gradually start indulging in physical activities, although this shouldn’t be done in an extreme way. You can schedule mammograms every once in a while, as advised by your plastic surgeon, to detect changes in the breast tissues, if any.

How long do the results last?

Breast augmentation typically shows permanent results. Dr. Jason Shapiro (Board Certified Internal Medicine) & Dr. Jeffery R. LaGrasso (Board Certified Plastic Surgeon) operating in the city of Miami Beach explain that there can be variations in results due to various factors such as aging, childbirth, hormonal changes, gravity and weight-loss or weight-gain. If you find that there’s a need to improve the appearance in a few years time, you can try a revision surgery. A revision surgery can be performed by either replacing the old implants or by performing breast lift to get the desired contour. Keep an eye on your implants, to see if they leak. In which case, you might need a replacement. Schedule a routine check-up with the plastic surgeon as and when required.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) – Miami Beach

‘Before’ and ‘After’ photographs help you visualize the differences that you are likely to see once the cosmetic surgery is over. Through the photos available, you can identify cases similar to yours, and have a rough idea about how you are going to look after the procedure. If you have anything in mind, you can discuss it with your doctor.

It is vital that you clearly specify what your requirements are, and try and identify cases like yours. Once you do this, you can make modifications, and ask your surgeon if that is possible to do. Your doctor will help you understand what the limitations of the process really are, and whether you can work around them to achieve your desired result.

Only when you have a clear picture of what the outcome will be, should you proceed with the surgery. If you get the procedure done without having looked at a few ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, you may be disappointed in the results and require a revision. Getting a revision will cost you an additional amount, not to mention the waste of the expensive cosmetic surgery, the first time.

See Plastic Surgery ‘Before’ and ‘After’ Photos

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) ‘Before’ and ‘After’ PhotosTummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) ‘Before’ and ‘After’ Photo

Why are the photographs so important?

No matter what a doctor may tell you, people are largely visual. This means that you and your plastic surgeon can come to a point of understanding better if you use visual aids. The variations in the surgical procedures and anesthesia will also be made clear to you when you have photographic aids.

For tummy tuck surgeries especially, it is important to know what to expect in different situations. Through tummy tuck before and after photographs, you will understand how minor alterations to major differences can be seen after the surgery. Depending on your specific need, you will be able to spot the kind of surgery you would like best. The pictures are vital to educating and consulting patients. Without a clear insight of how the procedure is going to go, it may become difficult for doctor and patient to coordinate with one-another.

Ask your plastic surgeon to give you visual aids

If you can get visual assistance additional to the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, you may even have a clearer understanding of how the surgery is performed. 3D visualizations are commonly provided by doctors today, and it is proven that these help patients by letting them know what changes are going to take place, and how.

Dr. Jason Shapiro (Board Certified Internal Medicine) & Dr. Jeffery R. LaGrasso (Board Certified Plastic Surgeon) operating in the city of Miami Beach, both agree that visualization is an important process in the consultation aspect of the procedure. Without ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, and 3D video representations of the entire process, it may become difficult for patients to communicate their requirements. It may also be difficult for doctors themselves to follow what their clients are trying to explain. To avoid any such confusion, and to get the best results from the surgery, it is best to have visual aids as such.

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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Cost – Miami Beach

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Cost - Miami BeachThe average cost of an abdominoplasty is a little over $5,000. However, the rates are variable, as they depend on a number of factors. There are many ways you can finance your surgery. In fact, a number of facilities provide financial aid for those who require cosmetic surgery. Once you have discussed the benefits and rates of the procedure with your plastic surgeon, you can decide on how you would like to fund it.

Some of the basic reasons of the surgery costing a variable amount are the experience of the surgeon, the methodology or type they use during the procedure, and the location in which you are getting surgery done. There are a few other reasons why the prices differ as well.

What constitutes the price of a tummy tuck?

  • The consultation fee of the plastic surgeon: Often, the price fluctuation is caused by the fee your doctor charges for consultation and for the procedure itself. Different surgeons have different fees based on their experience and the qualification level they have.
  • Charges of the surgical facility: The hospital you go to for surgery, or the facility in which the procedure is performed may charge differently. Based on this, you will incur different costs when you pay for the abdominoplasty.
  • Anesthesia charges: Even the type of anesthesia administered will make a difference to the overall cost of the surgery. Check with Dr. Jason Shapiro (Board Certified Internal Medicine) & Dr. Jeffery R. LaGrasso (Board Certified Plastic Surgeon) operating in city of Miami Beach for the best anesthesia to use in cases similar to yours.
  • Medication: Post surgery, you may have to take certain medicines for a little while to speed your recovery. The payment for the prescriptions will be added to your total expense for the surgery. Keep this in mind before you pay for your tummy tuck.
  • Tests and medical dressing: Once again, you will have to pay a certain amount for the medical tests that you undergo, and the dressing that you will require post-surgery. Even these aspects are vital to the total cost of the procedure.

Getting external funding for your abdominoplasty

You have various options by which you could finance your tummy tuck surgery. Medical loans are given out even for cosmetic surgery, and they demand a relatively low rate of interest. This can help you reduce the amount that you have to pay upfront. Instead of dealing with a $5,000 bill at one shot, you could pay for the surgery in installments, making it easier for you to save and get started with the procedure.

If the surgery is required due to an accident of some kind, you could even claim insurance for it. Insurance companies sponsor large portions, or the entire amount, in such cases. However, these are only special cases. If the surgery is purely for aesthetic enhancement and cosmetic purposes, you may not be able to approach an insurance firm which may add to your tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) cost. Some surgical facilities help in financing the procedure too. Find out about the different plans available.

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