Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure in which silicone or saline breast implants are used to enhance the fullness, volume, and symmetrical balance of a woman’s breasts. The popularity of breast augmentation surgery has remained consistently high over the past six years, with more than 286,000 breast augmentation surgeries performed in 2013 alone.

Deciding to undergo breast augmentation surgery is a very personal decision, and involves the consideration of a number of unique variables and motivating factors. While some women seek out breast augmentation surgery to increase the size of their breasts, or to restore symmetry to their asymmetrical breasts (breasts of different sizes), others wish to replenish the volume of their breasts following pregnancy or significant weight loss. Breast augmentation surgery can also be fueled by reconstructive objectives, as with female patients who have had a mastectomy (or double mastectomy) during their breast cancer treatment.

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Regardless of your motivation to undergo breast augmentation surgery, it is important to select a skillful and Board Certified plastic surgeon to perform this procedure, such as our board certified plastic surgeons at Tribeca Medaesthetics, located in beautiful Miami Beach, Florida. Our board certified plastic surgeons at Tribeca Medaesthetics have a keen eye for aesthetics, and has helped many patients fulfill their unique breast augmentation goals and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of their breasts. Our board certified plastic surgeons at Tribeca Medaesthetics make it a priority to stay up-to-date with the most cutting edge developments and advances in the field of breast surgery, in order to provide you with the highest possible level of surgical customization and patient care, and to ensure that your breast augmentation surgery is both safe and successful.


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There is no objective way to define what constitutes the appearance of “perfect” breasts, because aesthetic preferences are highly subjective and vary significantly from patient to patient.  Fortunately, breast augmentation surgery is a highly customizable procedure, and can be tailored to reflect the specific goals and preferences of each patient.

Breast implants are offered in an extensive range of sizes, profiles, textures, and shapes, in order to create a variety of different looks:

  • Type: silicone or saline variations
  • Texture: smooth or textured
  • Shape: anatomical (teardrop) or round
  • Profile: signifies the distance the implant will project from the patient’s body—higher profile implants create more prominent silhouettes than lower profile implants
  • Size: implant sizes are measured in cubic centimeters (cc’s) rather than traditional bra sizes, and are available in a size range of approximately 120cc to 960cc

Selecting the ideal implant type, size and profile for your augmentation surgery may feel like an intimidating task; however, these are not decisions you need to make on your own. Our board certified plastic surgeons at Tribeca Medaesthetics will guide you throughout your decision-making process, kindly and patiently addressing your questions and concerns, and ensuring that you are 100% comfortable with your breast implant selection.


There are two general choices for breast implant placement during breast augmentation surgery:

  • Submammary or Subglandular: the implant is placed between the chest muscle and breast tissue
  • Submuscular: the implant is placed under the chest muscle

There are four choices for breast augmentation incision placement:

  • Inframammary: the incision is made below the curve of the breast
  • Periareolar: the incision encircles the lower half of the areola
  • Transaxillary: the incision is made in the underarm area
  • Transumbilical (TUBA): the incision encircles the navel (belly button)

Prior to your breast augmentation surgery, our board certified plastic surgeons at Tribeca Medaesthetics will discuss the different incision and implant placement options for your breast surgery, and will create a customized surgical plan tailored to reflect your specific needs, body type, and breast augmentation goals.

Breast augmentation surgery is typically performed as an outpatient procedure, using general anesthesia or IV sedation, and generally lasts 1-2 hours (the exact length of procedure is dependent upon the nature of the surgery, and whether additional procedures are performed at the same time).


Following your surgery, you will be advised to arrange for someone to drive you home and assist you for the first few days. Post-surgical discomfort levels are usually mild to moderate, and can be managed with pain medication. Approximately seven days after your surgery, you will return to the office for a follow-up visit, and at this time our board certified plastic surgeons will remove your sutures and ensure that your breasts are healing properly. Subsequent follow-up appointments will be scheduled during two-week, six-week, and three-month intervals.

The average breast augmentation recovery period is 2-4 weeks, although this varies from patient to patient, and will depend on your body’s unique ability to heal. Most of our patients find that they are able to return to work within 3-5 days after surgery, and can resume most activities within the next 1-2 weeks; however, you should refrain from any strenuous activities that require strenuous use of your arm and chest muscles, or could raise your blood pressure and pulse rate. The visible results of your breast augmentation surgery will be noticeable immediately after your procedure, and will continue to improve over the course of the next few weeks, as residual swelling anbruising subsides.


At Tribeca Medaesthetics, we believe that having well-informed patients is vital to the success of every cosmetic surgery procedure, and we will take the time to thoroughly review all of your breast augmentation options and procedural details. As with any form of surgery, there are potential risks related to breast augmentation procedures; however, in the capable hands of our board certified plastic surgeons and the Tribeca Medaesthetics staff, you can rest easy knowing that your safety is our first priority, and that we will take great care to minimize your discomfort and to reduce potential complications during and after your procedure.

If you have additional questions about having your breast augmentation surgery performed at Tribeca Medaesthetics, please contact our office today. We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your initial consultation with our board certified plastic surgeons.

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