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People have all kinds of reasons for wanting to remove their tattoos – the end of a relationship, the start of a new job, or a sudden indifference toward skeletons on flaming motorcycles with dice for eyes and roses for the dots on the dice. Un-ink yourself with our special end of the summer internet offers.

We categorize tattoo sizes in the following manner:

  • Small Tattoo 1″x1″ to 2×2”
  • Medium Tattoo 2″x5″ to 3″x5″
  • Large Tattoo 4″x4″ to 5″x5″
  • Tattoos larger than 5″x5″ require special quotes based on size, color and location on the body

During each 30 to 45-minute tattoo-removal session, patients have the option of having Dr. Shaprio inject their tattoo with with Lidocaine, a local numbing agent. After the tattoo has been effectively numbed and without pain sensation, Dr. Shapiro then uses the MedLite C6 laser’s Patients typically see signs of permanent fading in the tattoo after about 5–10 sessions. Following the treatment, Tribeca Medaesthetics dishes out treatment tips, such as using antibacterial or reading bedtime stories to the tattoo until it fades.

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