Female Fertility Optimization

What is Female Infertility?

Female infertility is defined as the inability of a woman to get pregnant and have a successful pregnancy after 12 months of unprotected sex. 

We offer a variety of fertility optimization programs which include but are not limited to:

  • Hormone Balancing 
  • Weight Management 
  • Personalized Nutrition and Supplement Programs 
  • Lifestyle Adjustment Recommendations
Female Fertility Optimization

What is Female Fertility Optimization?

In our medical practice, we define this as the ability to prevent or reverse metabolic and age-related reasons for female infertility.     

Dr. Shapiro uses a systems-oriented approach to identify metabolic causes of female infertility. He then creates a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan which includes: 

  • Treating Metabolic Health Issues Affecting Fertility
  • Creating Fertility-Focused Nutrition and Supplement Programs
  • Implementing Lifestyle Changes that Support Fertility

When infertility persists despite metabolic health optimization, Dr. Shapiro will refer patients to a fertility specialist nearest them.

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Female Fertility Optimization

How is fertility optimization different from a fertility clinic?

Dr. Shapiro’s medical practice helps women improve their health in a specific way that focuses on increasing their chance of a successful pregnancy.  

To be clear, Tribecamed is NOT a fertility clinic. 

By definition, a fertility clinic is a medical clinic typically run by reproductive gynecologists or endocrinologists that provides assisted, reproductive services to couples that are unable to conceive naturally.

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Female Fertility Optimization

Which women would benefit from fertility optimization in our medical practice?

  • Age Approaching Late 30’s and Early 40’s
  • Previous History of Miscarriages 
  • Hormone Issues that Prevent Ovulation
  • Irregular Menstrual Cycle
  • Obesity
  • Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
  • Uncontrolled Diabetes Type 2
  • Nutrient Deficiencies or Malnutrition
  • Having Low Body-Fat Content from Extreme Exercise
  • Disorders of the Thyroid Gland
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Chronic Use of Birth Control Therapy
  • Untreated Stress
  • Excessive Consumption of Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs
  • Environmental Exposure to Heavy Metals
Female Fertility Optimization

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