What is Physician Supervised Weight Loss?

What is Physician Supervised Weight Loss?

TribecaMed’s supervised weight loss programs integrate safe and effective prescribed medications with personalized supplement and nutrition programs tailored specifically to you. 

Dr. Shapiro takes a very different approach to sustainable weight loss. His goal is to identify the metabolic imbalances in your body through very specific blood tests and a detailed analysis of your nutrition and daily lifestyle. 

This includes specific, comprehensive fasting blood work to assess all your pertinent hormone levels from thyroid to sex hormones, adrenal gland, and the pancreas. Gut inflammation testing and food allergy testing are also used as necessary to determine the root cause of your slow metabolism.

This clinical approach allows Dr. Shapiro to create personalized, treatment programs designed to reverse your causes of weight gain and slow metabolism. The end result is sustained fat reduction and weight loss.

What is Physician Supervised Weight Loss?

What are the benefits of Physician Supervised Weight Loss?

  • Steady, Healthy Weight Loss
  • Optimized Metabolism and Improved Health
  • Increased Energy and Exercise Performance
  • Better Mood and Mental Focus
  • Improved Overall Lifestyle

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Are You A Candidate for Physician Supervised Weight Loss?

If you are struggling with trendy diets and ineffective “weight loss pills”, then you are a great fit for our supervised weight loss program. Even health-conscious people interested in becoming more healthy and fit would benefit from our personalized programs.


What is Physician Supervised Weight Loss?

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