The people @ TriBeCa are so friendly, professional, knowledgeable!
The office is so pretty as I haven’t been here in like 5 years under a diff Doc.
Dr. Shapiro is an artist ! Very natural in his procedures. I’m so happy I found my new place & I want everyone to know about it ! — Lara F. Noe Valley, San Francisco, CA

I wish I could give it more stars!

I absolutely love this place. Dr. Shapiro and his staff beyond friendly, professional, and accommodating. My experience all-around was stellar: Dr. Shapiro is VERY concerned with the well-being of his patients and giving them a great experience. I also see the Esthetician, Uva, who is knowledgeable and thorough with her treatments. The entire staff, from the front desk to the financial coordinator, made my experience great. Thank you!! — Gabriela F. Miami Beach, FL

Making an appointment with Dr. Shapiro is easy and effortless, his prices are very reasonable. I was very happy with my results last visit and decided to come back. His office is very modern, cozy and he is pleasant to be around. Dr Shapiro spends time with his patients, I would recommend him and I will continue to see him for my procedures. — Bonnie L. Miami, FL

I went in here because I purchased a tattoo removal from groupon. When I arrived the staff was very friendly and the office had a cozy welcoming atmosphere . I was then taken to meet the Dtr Jason Shapiro. He administered my tattoo removal and I had questions about getting treatment to lighten a scar I had from a previous surgery. Rather than doing laser work on the scar he recommended a procedure far more affordable and friendly to the body. The previous office I went o to wanted to charge me $1350!!! If you need any aesthetic procedures done don’t pass this place up. Friendly and real service. They do what’s right for you and your body not trying to make $$$ off their clients! — Kevin B. Miami, FL

I was beyond impressed with my experience at Tribeca Medaesthetics. It’s all been said in the other five star reviews. Dr. Shapiro and his staff are all I could have hoped for and much more. Extremely knowledgeable and dedicated. — Claudia A. Miami Beach, FL

On a sudden whim, or maybe desperation, I bought a Groupon for TriBeCa MedSpa, which offered 2 laser tattoo removal sessions for $80. In comparison to the other offerings, this package offered the best deal. Upon calling, they quickly booked my appointment, and just four days later I was sitting in Dr. Shapiro’s chair. The office is clean, and although located at the beach, parking was not difficult to find. The front staff was kind, polite, and quick to get me into my room. Unlike others, I did not have to wait (I came around 3pm). He described to me the procedure, and made sure to answer any questions I had. To my surprise, this office uses lidocaine during their tattoo removal sessions, and thank god! The most painful part of the procedure (2/10 on a pain scale) were these injections! The laser just felt tingly, kind of like when your foot is falling asleep…

I already booked my next appointment, and will definitely purchase more to remove this hideous monster tattoo off my foot. Thanks TriBeCa! — Farah S. Miami, FL

I purchased a groupon, scheduled an appointment so was very easy. When i arrived the staff treated me as they knew me all my life. Very friendly but also very respectful and kind. JLo is the best! My procedure was very simple and small so no much to talk about there but I also had other questions and concerns and i was very happy when dr sat down and had a chat with me about all that and sent me some useful information to my email.
The whole experience was very nice and quick. I have very busy life and having this office close by and being able to ho in and out and keep with my activities is just the best! — Yulia K. Miami, FL

I found Dr. Shapiro at Tribeca through Groupon in 2014 and have been coming here ever since! Dr.S is extremely attentive to his patients and to their needs… I am very pleased with the results from all my procedures. I would highly recommend anyone to make an appointment with Dr. Shapiro. — Cassandra R. Hollywood, FL

Loved my visit with Dr. Shapiro and his staff. They were on time and had no delay in my process. Explained everything included with my service and all of my other options to allow me to have my desired results. My dysport injections were quick and painless, can’t wait for the full effect to set in. I am already considering more services at his office. Worth the drive from Fort Lauderdale. — Anselee J. Fort Lauderdale, FL

I never yelp, but I feel I must as I am extremely pleased with my experience and results.

This was my first time getting Botox, and Dr. Shapiro did a fantastic job. I could tell his first priority was ensuring I was 100% satisfied with the outcome. Felt totally comfortable from beginning to end. Office is beautiful and staff was superior. A++. Will definitely return.

Results exceeded my expectations! I look great, if I do say so myself! Thanks Doc Shapiro! 🙂 — Carlos L. New York, NY

Dr. Shapiro is a master! He did work wonders for me. I would highly recommend him. I’ve tried others but I won’t mess around when it comes to my face. When you find a pro, stick with it! — Adrienne D. Miami, FL

Dr. Shapiro was great. He was very profitable and spend a good amount of time with me explaining great details about certain procedure. I would highly recommend him & his office. Wish we had a doctor like him at home. — Caren I. Henderson, NV

I bought 20 units of Botox on groupon. But was hesitant. I waited until it nearly expired. So I finally call to make an appointment and was pleasantly surprised that I got one for the same day. Normally with groupons you have to wait ( 6 weeks is not uncommon). So I went. Office and staff was very nice. Doctor Shapiro is a true artist. He will not do something if he isn’t sure that the outcome is going to be great. At first he thought I was going to do my frown line between the brows but I actually like to express myself with facial movement. So I told him I just didn’t want to have the crow feet under my eyes when u laugh. He agreed to it. Didn’t try to talk me into doing anything else. The result is just stunning. I look totally refreshed. My friends tell me how good I look but didn’t notice the Botox as I have full movement. I love, love & love his work.
His staff was super nice. Every single person I met. I will be back. Even without groupon. Totally worth it. — Chill C. Miami Beach, FL

I came to Tribeca Medaesthetics for laser tattoo removal on my chest. Dr. Shapiro and the staff are very friendly and comforting. I myself am deathly afraid of needles, doctors and doctors offices. The office is warm and inviting, and Dr. Shapiro offers a painless experience.

I am thrilled my my results and will return for future treatments as well as other services he offers. — Matt S. Miami Beach, FL

I came here for a tattoo removal after tons of research. Dr.Shapiro was amazing! He was incredibly nice and professional. They did a great job. Can’t wait for my next visit. — Olga D. Hialeah, FL

Ok, so I went to get my radiesse fillers done today and I’m super swollen now ,but so happy with my results so far! Dr.Shapiro not only is he so caring with his patients and as well as his staff but is a man at his craft!! I was super nervous and almost fainted lol but with his care I made it thur and one of the best desicions I made! And not painful at all!I’ll be back next week to do my lips Def check out tribecamed in Miami Beach and let them know I refered you!

OK! Lol So went back today to get my Lips done and I couldn’t be happier with my results!!! Dr.Shapiro has “Magic hands” for anything with your face and truly cares bout his patients just as the staff does! And its PAIN FREE! I highly recommend him to anyone I know @tribecamed is the best and truly makes you feel like family!! I feel and look 10years younger!! Thanks Dr.Shapiro 🙂 — Bibi D. Miami, FL

Amazing personnel and great service, highly recommended. — Mitch A. Pembroke Pines, FL

Dr. Jason Shapiro is by far the only person I trust with my face. He is amazing with lips and I couldn’t be happier with my results. His office is beautiful and he has a very welcoming staff. — Connie B. Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have been to Tribeca Medasthetics for a facial and microdermabrasion, which was amazing. The results left me with glowing and smooth skin!

After such a great experience, and speaking with Dr. Shapiro, I decided to go ahead and book an appointment for Botox and Juvederm (lips)

On the day of my appointment, naturally I was nervous, however Dr. Shapiro and his staff made me feel very calm and confident. Dr. Shapiro explained to me in great detail what his suggestions were, and I was allowed to opine on how much product was used and areas we were targeting etc.

I was even allowed to select the music to be played during my appointment- talk about relaxing!!

The procedures were virtually pain free- (all except for the dental block that stings a tiny bit) and Dr. Shapiro spent a lot of time molding and massaging the product to ensure an even and balanced appearance (I had never had anyone do this before)
Dr. Shapiro paid exceptional attention to detail, and I would thoroughly recommend his services to anyone wanting any type of injectables.

The follow up was great, Dr Shapiro stayed in touch every day to monitor my progress until my follow up appointment!

Overall a must visit if you are in Miami! — Fallon F. Miami Beach, FL

Just a brief review about my experience
I had my lips done for the 1st time and was kind of nervous because have seen a lot of bad jobs. But my lips look AMAZING! they are sexy , natural looking , no puffiness on top of the upper lip, not painful at all. The girl at the front desk was nice, polite and cute. I had the result that I wanted to get. And definitely will come back. Thanks, dr. Shapiro
— Maria E. Miami, FL

I have been to many med spas I’ve the years. Mainly for the purpose of finding one with acceptable rates for tattoo removal. After reading about this place online I received a Groupon email offer that I could not pass up on. So I purchased a $99 for three tattoo-removal treatments for an area up to 3″x3.5″ (a $450 value) pkg. Knowing my tattoo may be bigger than this, I prayed they would still see me. I’m 30something and a tattoo lover but my career path has changed with the economy and removing a couple of them will help me in the long run.

So I went to my 1st appt. The establishment was very nice, spotlessly clean and the staff welcomed me right away. After my paperwork was complete they gave me a ice pack to put on the tattoo until it was time to go back. Once I get back into the room I speak to Jeanie about the process. I find out that now they inject you with lidocaine prior to the laser on bigger tattoos which is a huge deal because it’s true that laser tattoo removal is extremely painful. Pain is one of the reasons I never completed the process prior to now. The other reason is that these med spas (especially in SFL) are so over priced and under trained that I couldn’t afford to have it done before now. They wanted as much money as I’m paying for BOTH of my large tattoos to be removed at Tribeca for ONE at Tropical Laser. And I felt like I was a checkbook to these other places, but not at Tribeca. So back to the removal…after Jeanie explaining the process, she also acknowledged that my tattoo was larger than what the Groupon entitled me to and explained to me that she totally understands my dilemma with work, and how expensive the process is because she too had tattoos that she wanted to get rid of for the same reasons, but felt she too was being had by these Med Spas. So she proposed adding tattoo removal services the clinic to the Dr.S she works with and they agreed. In a nutshell, they are more into providing this service to help people like myself over profiting from it. They see their real profits from things like facelifts & Vaser Lipo, not from pillaging people who need tattoos removed. Which is really nice (and rare) to find here in Miami. So after being injected with the numbing lidocaine, Dr Shapiro came in and performed my laser session. It was nothing compared to what I experienced in the past. The pain was diminished by 90% by doing it this way and I no longer fear going to finish the removal process. I would recommend them highly, and I never write things like this. They also have Vaser which is like lipo but is the only machine that actually gets rid of cellulite. The rest get rid of fat. They are one of the only places around with the technology and I have seen the results from a patient there & all I can say is Wow. Between the staff & the Dr’s there, I’m considering doing it myself. I actually trust them. For now we will finish with some of the tattoos. I’m grateful I found this place. — Beth P. Miami, FL


Got a Goupon coupon for two tattoo removal sessions since the three was sold out. Went to my first visit and I had a bit of a wait since the doctor was stuck in traffic. To my surprise the clinic manager came in and gave me an extra free session for the long wait. Dr. Shapiro was great, extremely friendly, a bit of pain with the injections but nothing unbearable. Great service and very nice and professional facility. — Rhina M. Miami, FL


Went in to have tattoo removal done. Very beautiful office, friendly staff and reasonable pricing. I left very happy and would recommend this office to anyone looking to improve their appearance. They have many other procedures and seem knowable of all the newest technology. Two thumbs up! — Minia A. West Palm Beach, FL


Clean, cozy office, with attentive polite staff and a big list of offered procedures. For some reason it has this professional vibe many medical offices are lacking here in Miami Beach.Got Groupon deal, will definitely be back. — Big K. Miami Beach, FL


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